Sunday, February 6, 2005

Abu Ghraib, Again

It will be a wonderful thing if the New Iraq does not copy all of our ideas about democracy:

    "Unqualified US military medics stationed at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison carried out amputations, recycled used chest tubes and lacked medical supplies to treat the overcrowded jail's inmates after the fall of Baghdad, according to a report."

I'm sure I will hear from some that the enemy treated their prisoners no better. That may be so, but hundreds and more of these Iraqis were not our enemy, just Iraqis in our custody. These were the same Iraqis who voted, the same Iraqis for whom applause was loud, and the same Iraqis for whom Senators and Congresspeople had the 'courage' to dip their finger in ink and show them to the world at the State of the Union address in celebration of these Iraqis.

If the story is true, the conduct is beyond torture and beyond incivility; it is inhumane, intolerable, un-American and criminal. Hopefully, this time, the buck stops where it belongs.

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